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Human actions have a more and more negative impact on our planet’s most important forests. It is an alarming tendency - with your help – we want to change for the better. Thanks to close collaboration with global organizations, we can rebuild forests in the parts of the world that need them the most. The model comprises 18 projects in places with the highest potential to positively affect the climate.

Your actions matter. By donating money, you can help us plant trees. How many? You decide.

Green Challenge 2023

This year, Czech financial institutions also joined the joint effort to restore the world's forests. ČSOB, Česká spořitelna, Essox, Global Payments, Komerční Banka, mBank, Raiffeisenbank, Unicredit Bank and UP Czech Republic.

As part of the Green Challenge, their employees are trying to drive less, move more and use more environmentally friendly means of transport to get to work. to and from work.

All the kilometres collected are then converted into total CO2 saved and Mastercard, through the Priceless Planet Coalition, will plant a corresponding amount of trees in the most affected areas of the planet.

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Now you can help plant trees with your Mastercard.
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Join us and together we will contribute to planting up to 100,000 trees.
In total, we have committed to plant 100 million trees by 2030 as part of our global Priceless Planet Coalition.

Priceless Planet Coalition is a joint effort
to help our  planet recover

100 000 000

trees to be planted by 2030

15 % overhead (administrative cost)

85 %

of donations goes
to charity

Priceless Planet Coalition is a joint effort to fight global warming and help our planet to restore the balance.

Mastercard®, together with Conservation International and World Resources Institute and in cooperation with local communities and companies like Citi Handlowy, has started actions aimed at global reforestation. We believe that together, thanks to the leadership of these global organizations and the data-driven model, we’ll be able to monitor the long-term progress and effects of our efforts.

Together, as Priceless Planet Coalition, we aim to plant 100 million trees by 2030.

Natural help

Forests are heavily responsible for  regulating the  world’s oxygen and  carbon cycles. They also control local and  regional climates by exchanging water and  energy with the  atmosphere. It’s estimated that the  world’s forests are responsible for  half oxygen needs for  people and  animals.

Climate support

Reforestation of our planet is both a cost-efficient and a highly effective way to mitigate the impact of global greenhouse gas emissions. Forests help reduce energy consumption needed for heating and cooling the air.

A global priority

On the one hand – high amounts of carbon dioxide stored in trees; on the other – constant threat of deforestation around the globe. This dangerous combination makes the issue of protecting and recultivating forests a global priority – no matter where you live.

Better balance

Balanced reforestation efforts help reduce the frequency of natural disasters. Forests can reduce the risk of flooding and fires and mitigate the effects of drought. They also act as an effective buffer, cutting off cities from pollution and noise.

Profitable investment

Growing trees brings economic value to local people – up to 25 times more than the investment in restoring land to its previous state. As it turns out, money CAN grow on trees!

Global defender

Trees help protect not only the climate but also the soil and animals that live in it. Forests can prevent erosion, landslides, avalanches, and land depletion. They also provide shelter for animals and access to drinking water and food.

Mastercard has established the Priceless Planet Coalition and act as Organizer of it.

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Support the Priceless Planet Coalition with
Mastercard® and help to restore forests