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Do you need advice with your own health problem or that of a family member? Do you need to clarify a medical report? Are you seeking a diagnosis on the internet? Or would you like to order an appointment to see a specialist in your city?

With your Mastercard® premium or business card, you now have access to the unique service uLékaře.cz. Take advantage of online medical consultation or even order an appointment with the right specialist throughout the Czech Republic whenever you are in need.

24/7 medical assistance

Online consultation is available nonstop, including weekends and holidays. Available even when on vacation or a business trip.

350+ trusted doctors

Online consultation is provided by over 350 physicians from varying specializations. You can get advice on both physical and mental health.

How does the online service uLékaře.cz work?

Online medical consultation

Consult with a physician online about anything concerning health.

A general practitioner for adults or pediatrician will answer your specific question within 6 hours of its receipt.

If the practitioner so advises, you will also receive a reply within 48 hours from a specialist in any field, such as dermatology, orthopedics, gynecology, surgery or psychology.

Ordering a medical appointment

Order the time and place of your appointment based on your preferences.

If an expert from the online consultation recommends a personal visit to a physician or if you want to make an appointment straight away without asking a question, the medical team at uLékaře.cz will take care of everything you need.

A nurse will arrange your appointment and will contact you the next business day by phone to resolve the details with you and to get all the information needed to find you the right specialist. The nurse will then make your appointment, and you will receive an e-mail telling you when and which healthcare facility to go to for your medical examination.

Protect your health and that of your loved ones. Consult online with a physician about your medical condition or that of a family member, or make an appointment to see a physician.