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Mastercard Identity Check™

As of September 2019, Mastercard® has enabled use of biometric data such as fingerprint or face recognition to verify your identity when paying online.

In today’s world, it is vital to make sure payments via the Internet and mobile applications are the safest and most comfortable. That's why we've launched Mastercard Identity Check™ - an advanced payment verification system, thanks to which card payments online are easier and more secure, anytime and on any device.

What is Mastercard Identity Check™?

Mastercard Identity Check™ analyzes each of your online payments by a Mastercard payment card and assesses whether it is really you making the payment.

If you need an additional level of security and to reduce the risk of card misuse, payment is protected by so-called two-step verification*.

* Not required for selected types of payments, such as ticketing terminals, subscription renewal and payments of up to CZK 750 at certain banks.

Two-step verification of payments is used to confirm your identity and requires a combination of two of three safety features independent of one another:

  • PIN code;
  • SMS verification code sent to your mobile phone or a code in a mobile application;
  • biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

Thanks to Mastercard ID Check™, you confirm online payments through your biometric data, so there’s no need to reenter the code from an SMS or mobile application. In practice, this means that your bank offers - as a new standard for Mastercard online payment - authentication using biometric data in your mobile application.

Benefits of Mastercard Identity Check™

  • High level of security: Only the cardholder can authorize online payments. If an additional level of security is needed, we'll immediately ask you to provide biometric identity authentication to make sure it's really you who is buying.
  • Available on each device: You can easily perform identity check from your mobile phone or other smart device.
  • Convenient online shopping: You buy easily and quickly without entering complicated SMS codes.
  • Simple payments: All payments are monitored in real time and most are approved instantly without requiring you to perform an additional step - through the use of so-called transaction analysis.

How to pay online using a fingerprint or facial recognition?

  1. Download your bank’s mobile banking application.
  2. When shopping at an online store, enter data from your payment card.
  3. You will receive a notification on your phone from your bank application requesting payment authorization via which you simply run the given application.
  4. Sign in to your banking application with a password or through biometrics (fingerprint, facial recognition) and confirm the payment here.